I will not include 3rd-party content, including content from DMs Guild, even if it is my own, because I can't assume that your game will allow 3rd-party content or homebrew. It works in nearly any fight, and sometimes it can even prevent a fight from happening. I built a teifling warlock based on high cha and am running into a headache as far as what to do with it. Unfortunately you won't get a third spell slot until 11th level, so get used to managing the two you have between rests. The legendary Mary Elizabeth McGlynn stopped by the studio to offer some sage advice with a Warlock Quick Build for the latest #HandbookerHelper! In this case I suggest Mass Suggestion. KalashtarERLW: A Charisma increase, and you'll be really good at Wisdom saving throws despite not being proficient. At this level consider learning Protection from Evil and Good. Tiefling. Warlocks receive fewer options or opportunities as other spell casters but have unique abilities that come into play. Counterspell allows you to shut down enemy spellcasts (though it will feel like a disappointing way to spen a spell slot) and Dispel Magic will allow you to remove problematic ongoing magical effects. We took the Devil's Sight invocation at 2nd level so that you can see in magical darkness, so learn Darkness at this level so that you can start using the two. Grab Banishment so that you can one-shot powerful extraplanar enemies. At this level you might consider sending your imp to attack rather than casting Eldritch Blast. Half-elf gives 17 charisma and lets you place 2 other ability points. TritonVGTM: A fantastic option for blade pact warlocks. This deviates from core race design concepts consistent across other races, but the difference appears to be intentional. Tieflings are allowed to cast this as a 2nd level spell, upgrading the damage an extra 1d10. While the design intent for Dragonmarks was that they would offer some innate spellcasting for everyone, every dragonmark includes an expanded spell list which is arguably a more significant benefit than most of the provided racial traits. Dragonmarked HumanERLW: Dragonmark traits replace ALL of your racial traits. As usual, the models are high quality sculpted with top-notch details and dynamic poses. The biggest appeal is the ability to bypass damage resistance to non-magic weapons, so if your campaign uses magic items this may be less useful. You don't want to need Hellish Rebuke frequently, so consider replacing Hellish Rebuke with another 2nd-level spell like Mirror Image. it's a solid, reliable defensive spell that's always good to have on hand, even if you don't need it for a while. Whispers of the Grave is a nice, universally-appealing option. Eldritch Invocations: You get a total of 8 invocations over the course of 20 Warlock levels. If you take a class dip to pick up heavy armor, melee Warlocks can emphasize Strength, but with Hexblade it's still easier to focus on Charisma. HumanMOoT: See above under the general Races section. They excel in a variety of roles, including Warlocks, Favored Souls, and Sorcerers, and start with a bonus to Charisma. If you have an issue with rests taking too long, find a way to cast Catnap. I can either lean into the \"I look like the devil and I deal with the devil for power\" stereotype, or I can go for the \"I was born this way and I made a pact against my will\" angle, and either way it's going to be a cliche.This is a \"Staple Build\". Adventuring involves killing a lot of things, and sometimes those things know things that you want to know. Compared to a conventional Warlock who would depend on Eldritch Blast for damage, the Blade Warlock will always deal less damage. In our case, that's Dark One's Blessing. Honestly, it was had to choose a Pact Boon between Pact of the Chain, Blade or Tome. If you're having trouble deciding, here are some suggestions: This section does not address every published feat, as doing so would result in an ever-growing list of options which don't cater to the class. If you're playing a Changeling, it's either for the flavor or for the Charisma. Dragonmarked Half-ElfERLW: Dragonmark traits replace some of your normal racial traits, as described in the entry for each Dragonmark. At this level you gain the ability to cast Darkness as a racial spell. To watch for ongoing updates, please follow me on Twitter. I love the idea of surprising an enemy with hellish rebuke during a sword fight. I chose the hexblade path, which offers its own brand of patron magic. Tieflings are proba… I recommend Invisibility, but Enthrall and Spider Climb are great options too. Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. The Imp is easily the best familiar option available. The Warlock falls a bit short in terms of Utility spell options, but that can be mitigated with Pact of the Tome and a few Invocation choices if your party can't compensate for that shortcoming. This Patron is available to Warlocks, and thus adds the fey’s wacky and strange abilities to their repertoire. TEMPORARY NOTE: RPGBOT is undergoing a massive update for DnD 5e content to accomodate rules changes and new content introduced by Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. Consuming the spark of Azuth (God of Mages, Asmodeus became a god. You can change the damage resistance when you rest, but it's often difficult to know what you're going to face ahead of time. Guide to Building a Wood Elf Ranger: Big Game Hunter, Guide to Building a Dwarf Paladin TANK: D&D 5e. Just found out the group I'm going is not AL, and they allow most published stuff. The tiefling appears as a player character race in the Player's Handbook for the 5th edition (2014). Other Warlocks still need some for AC. HobgoblinVGTM: Nothing useful for warlocks. The first spell is thaumaturgy, which is one of the strangest cantrips to me. When combat breaks out, your go-to option is either Eldritch Blast or your crossbow. At this level your Charisma is 20 and you've had two other Ability Score Increases, so your ability scores should be excellent. In addition to this ability bonus, tieflings come with Darkvision, Hellish Resistance and Infernal Legacy. For cantrips, take Eldritch Blast for fighting and Mage Hand for utility. The differences are minor, so don't stress about the decision too much. Unlike other spellcasters your spell slots are all the same, and you only get a handful of them, but they recharge on a short rest. Out of the subraces available, Asmodeus, Mephistopheles, and Zariel, there isn't much of a difference. 8.5) with Eldritch Blast, and you and the imp have the same +5 attack bonus. TabaxiVGTM: An excellent option for a blade pact warlock. This means that you will need to rely much more heavily on cantrips, and use your slotted spells when they can be the most effective. Keep in mind that your allies probably can't see in magical darkness, so if you cast Darkness expect to do a lot of work on your own. Thank you! For your starting equipment take a light crossbow and 20 bolts, either a component pouch or spellcasting focus (I like the focus because it feels cooler even though they're functionally identical), either pack, leather armor, any simple weapon you like (you won't use it), and a dagger. Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. TritonMOoT: See above under the general Races section. With agonizing blast and repelling blast, I can add some fun to my go-to eldritch blast. Because Pact Magic works different from other spellcasting, be sure to double-check the Multiclassing rules before you look at other spellcasting classes. Rage flushed her face, and tears welled in her eyes as a sob crawled its way out of her throat. You get to cast each of your Mystic Arcanum spells once per day, so you want each option to be broadly useful. VerdanAcInc: Constitution and Charisma is a perfect combination for a Charisma-based spellcaster, and getting Persuasion for free is great. Send your familiar to use the Help action to assist your allies, which will offset the Disadvantage for attacking in the dark. This build combines the tenacity of the Paladin with the power and versatility of the Warlock for a deadly and fluid combination. You get only a handful of spell slots at a time, and never have to juggle multiple spell slot levels. Following your blog for more warlock stuff. Hello. “It’s not fair!” shouted the young woman, shoving her parchment and books off of her desk in one fluid, furious motion. For this level's Mystic Arcanum, we'll take Dominate Monster. Guide to Build a Tiefling Hexblade Warlock: DnD 5e Tiefling’s inherent abilities. This way, I can choose to upgrade my base sword damage by wielding it with both hands or blast enemies with my free hand. Force Cage is a really cool spell. If you get dragged into melee somehow, you're decent with a dagger, but if you're injured you're better served by running away than by trying to trigger Hellish Rebuke. Thaumaturgy (which you get as a racial spell) allows you to triple the volume of your voice. RPGBOT uses the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which is simple to understand and easy to read at a glance. The following pregenerated character sheets provide a tiefling warlock at levels daniel butler April 29, 2015 at 2:27 pm. Remember that the spell slots for these spells don't scale, so it's fine to pick spells which won't scale with spell slot level. Dragonmarks are uniquely helpful for the Warlock. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is a great way to pad your hit points, and even though you're only getting 4 temporary hit points at this level that's still almost half of your normal hit point maximum (10 at this level). Fiendish Resilience is a difficult ability to use. While the Kobold doesn't get a Charisma increase, Advantage on spell attacks can easily make up the difference, especially since the Warlock relies so heavily on Eldritch Blast. This build will focus on the warlock’s ability to tank, deal melee damage and to deal range damage. HalflingPHB: Dexterity is helpful for Blade Pact Warlocks, and everyone loves Lucky. This is because you will gain the opportunity only once to gain additional Ability Points (at Level 4) during Early Access, and you don’t get an improvement in Ability … 5th Edition. Burn your foes with Infernal flames as a charismatic Tiefling! Melee Warlocks might want a bit to resist grapples and similar issues. Elemental Adept (Fire) and Flames of Phlegethos will both help keep your fire damage options useful, and Magic Initiate can help pad your spellcasting options. Orange: OK options, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances 3. Int: 12 (including +1 racial) Wis: 10. Hexblades have a more mysterious origin from the Shadowfell, so they don’t necessarily have a single Patron. WarforgedERLW: The flexible ability increase goes into Charisma, and the Warforged's other traits will make you more durable than a typical sorcerer before considering spells. Best Races. . This could be fantastic for intimidation. Str: Dump. Agonizing blast adds my Charisma modifier to the damage roll of eldritch blast, and repelling blast sends enemies flying 10 feet away. FirbolgsEGtW: See above under the general Races section. For more weapons options check the Tiefling bundle in my store. Medium armor and shields dramatically reduce your need for Dexterity. GoblinGGTR: See above under the general Races section. By this level we have a defensive spell (Hellish Rebuke), an AOE spell (Burning Hands), and an area control spell (Darkness), so a utility spell or crowd control spell is a good addition to our arsenal. Mystic Arcanum: Pick your favorite spells. If you pick Criminal, Thieves' Tools proficiency and Stealth will help you act as your party's Scout, too. This level also gives you your last new spell known. Very well written articles easily understandable. DragonbornPHB: A possible option for a Blade Pact Warlock. Because hexblade warlocks can use their Charisma score for damage, I won’t need to worry so much about Strength or Dexterity. Because the expanded spell options are such an important part of the dragonmarks, if you're not playing a spellcaster you're giving up a huge part of your racial traits, which makes it exceptionally difficult to justify playing a dragonmark character who can't cast spells. We have plenty of options for hindering and killing enemies, but we have very few less lethal options. They’re infernal, menacing and naturally gifted with warlock magic. Your imp can turn invisible. I’ll have to cook up some more warlock-specific ideas in the near future for ya. Green: Good options. However, this also places your familiar in harm's way, and repeatedly spending 10gp to cast Find Familiar can become a drain on your limited funds. From here on you'll continue to learn more spells, but remember that your normal spells known can only be of 5th level or lower. Warlock generic PvP Talents. And while it is a common pairing, you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving it some serious consideration. Tieflings come from a very much feared race of devils, called the Shadow Reapers. Half-Elves and Tieflings will allow you get to 17 Charisma during Character Creation, however you only need to get to 16 for Early Access. AasimarVGTM: The charisma increase and damage resistances are fantastic. The first feature is that I gain bonus damage against that enemy equal to my proficiency. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need many damage options as a cantrip. TabaxiEGtW: See above under the general Races section. Genre Bomb is built to be your source for tabletop role playing game reviews, guides, and free adventures. 1. Of course, a d10 will range wildly in value, so you can't always rely on it to save you. At this level you get your second spell slot, and you get Agonizing Blast. If you do it right, you can dominate one monster and walk it into the next encounter or two like an extra party member. Dex: Melee Warlocks need 14 Dexterity to pad their AC, but Hexblades use Charisma for attack and damage. or better yet, change the title to r1-3 teifling cookie cutter warlock with low DC's Sounds spooky. Hexblade’s Curse is an ability that allows me to set a curse on an enemy and gain special bonuses against them. None of the options in the basic rules are an especially good fit for us as a Face, unfortunately. So, it’s like the emperor in Star Wars… but shooting out a beam that deals 1d12. Half-Elves and Tieflings. At 11th level Eldritch Blast gets a third ray, adding another 1d10+5 damage at no cost, while the Blade Warlock is stuck picking up Lifedrinker for a damage boost totally 10 damage per round. 15 thoughts on “ Let’s Build a 5th Edition D&D Warlock ” Pingback: Messing Around with Hero Forge | Mock Logic Games. Now that I’ve decided to take my character in a “black knight” direction, I’ll think of spells in that regard. While the quote on quote “best build" is something more fantastical than dungeons and dragons itself there are some builds that are really good for fully optimizing damage. Animal Enhancement offers several excellent options as you gain levels, and saves you the trouble of getting those effects from your limited number of spell slots. HumanPHB: Versatile and fantastic at everything. Essence Drain stacks a damage reduction effect on enemies that are damaged by your Drain Life. Your Intelligence score increases by 1, and your choice of Charisma or Dexterity score increases by 2. Otherworldly Patron: Warlock subclasses are briefly summarized below. SatyrMOoT: Dexterity for you AC, Charisma for your spells, Magic Resistance to keep you alive, and two free skills to help you serve as your party's Face. The Warlock starts immediately with a relationship to their patron. Racial feats are discussed in the Races section, above. lets call this warlock the "lets run out of mana on the first pack of mobs and then use cone shape and do less dps then any melee till the next shrine" r10 warlock. LoxodonGGTR: Nothing useful for warlocks. Each offers helpful and cool magic effects, but I had to go with Pact of the Chain. Another bonus is the proficiency is medium armor, shields and martial weapons.