Saute ¼ cup red onion and ¼ cup celery in a saucepan, and mix it with a pound of chicken ground. But what do you do when you reach for the container to find there’s only a tablespoon or two left? I like to use my homemade Garlic Hummus for this recipe – it makes a huge batch, and I always wind up with leftovers. Making vegetarian sushi using leftover hummus is a great idea altogether. Get the most out of pumpkin season by using leftover pumpkin purée for Chocolate Pumpkin Pancakes, Pumpkin Biscotti, and to enhance your morning coffee. Add the onions and cook for 5-7 minutes or … These healthy foods for fall don’t only make a gorgeous Thanksgiving spread; they’re also packed with vitamins and nutrients. In fact, you might just forget that you bought it for hummus in the first place. Lightly cover one-half of the tortilla with fillings of … Scrambled Egg. You can always modify it how you want, but you can not beat the original taste. There are lots of ways to stretch your meals and use up every bit of the food you buy and prepare. With the option to use turkey when a recipe calls for cooked chicken, the possibilities now feel limitless. Before a single tear runs down your cheek, think of it this way: You’re on your way to the start of a great recipe. lemon juice; dijon mustard ; plus water to thin out the dressing; How to Make Salad Dressing with Hummus. 9 Recipes to Use Up Leftover Pumpkin Purée. Smear that extra hummus on a burger or sandwich (extra points for grilled cheese), or use it as “sauce” for a flatbread pizza with veggies and feta. If you are planning to make a California club sandwich with meat, toast a few whole wheat breads, and top with bacon, turkey, sprouts, tomatoes and avocado. Using the same pan used to cook the vegetables, add a bit of oil and fry up the pancetta until it starts to brown. I’d recommend using a Garlic or … Embellish with chopped parsley and fresh dill. If you're looking to increase your protein intake, a great idea is to use hummus as a low-calorie substitute for mayonnaise. At oneHOWTO we suggest you use it to make some delicious deviled eggs. Don’t banish leftover pumpkin purée to the back of your freezer only to be forgotten and tossed. I know what you are thinking. June 8, 2020 • Eggs. Use it in place of mayo on turkey sandwiches, chicken salad, and even tuna salad. Layer with some chopped vegetables of your choice, roll them up and secure using a toothpick. OMG moms. If you love the garlicky tang of hummus, you would never want it to go wasted. A fight for justice. The garlicky taste of hummus will create a light crust on your meat. The nutty tahini, roasted garlic and earthy pumpkin make for a moreish dip – everyone will be going back for seconds of this simple, healthy snack. Add ¼ cup leftover hummus, 3 tbsp breadcrumbs, fresh herbs and spices to it. So super clean and easy to throw together. Not only does this up the protein count, but it minimizes saturated fat content as well. Meanwhile, in a medium-sized pot, bring the chicken broth to a boil. Ditch the mayo and spoon extra hummus into your chicken salad mixture. If meat is a must, think California Club: toast some whole wheat bread and top with turkey, bacon, avocado, sprouts, and tomatoes--but replace the mayo with hummus. that thrives…, Move over, slow cooker. Slowly add olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice and blend to a smooth consistency. Another great way to use leftover hummus is to use it in salads, as there are many combinations that will taste delicious with it and will add an extra flavor to it. Squeeze in half a tsp of lemon juice, and use it as a dip with crusty bread. Stir and bring to a simmer. However, even the best meals can get repetitive after a few helpings. Click here for recipe! You may replace eggs with hummus to bind mini chicken burgers. This cozy skillet is perfect for winter eating sports season. Meanwhile, in a food processor or high-powered blender, combine the lemon juice, garlic and salt. That means you don't have to dirty up the blender or food processor if you don't want to. hummus – if you want to make your own, here’s my homemade hummus recipe. Hummus, of course. You can make a healthier salad dressing with leftover hummus by whisking 2 tbsp of lemon juice in ½ cup of hummus, adding 1 tbsp of water into it and seasoning with pepper and salt. Take 1 ½ cups of hummus in an over-safe baking dish, drizzle 2 tbsp of melted butter on top of it, add 2 tbsp of toasted pine nuts on it, and sprinkle a pinch of red pepper flakes on the top. What to do with Leftover Hummus - 13 Delicious Ideas, How to Make Breakfast Bars - Healthy Recipes from Scratch, How to Know if Brussels Sprouts Have Gone bad, What Is the Difference Between Plain and All Purpose Flour, How to Tell if Mushrooms are Still Good to Eat, How To Stop Mince Pies Sticking To The Tin, 2 Easy Ways to Fry an Egg Without Oil or Butter. 10 Recipes to Use Up Leftover Spaghetti. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Smokey Mayo. Trying to eat on a budget? Toss the Sriracha, tahini, and chickpeas in a food processor and blend. Think potato pancakes, pierogi, quesadillas, and more. You can get vitamin C naturally from foods, but it doesn’t hurt to take a supplement, especially if you have a deficiency. Sometimes I just... Read More . This can take around 15 minutes. Easy vegan taco recipes require just a few quick plant-based substitutes. Most fast-food chains don’t have a gluten-free menu, but some have upped their game to include gluten-free options. To make chicken salad cups using leftover hummus, mix some hummus with a little Greek yogurt, and give it a seasoning with a few drops of lemon juice. Leftover hummus? It is the age of Frittata Whatever. Hummus Recipes Jalapeno Popper Recipes Meatball Appetizers ... consider doubling the recipe. Hummus Beef Burgers I never knew you could add hummus to burgers but I came across this recipe on the blog Iowa Girl Eats which sounds amazing! * The velvety sauce coats each noodle (or zoodle) strand just as well as alfredo sauce—only this creamy blend won’t make you too full for seconds. You can use the leftovers to make some scrumptious (and surprising) dishes. Here are 25 leftover turkey recipes for inspiration. I did use spinach and I diced up a leftover sausage in it too. (TBH, these recipes are so good you may want to stock up on the spread anyway just to make them all.). Instead of using mayo in your chicken salad, use hummus. So Yumm. When you spoon it over the baking dish with vegetables, it will actually pool like a light sauce in the oven. Pumpkin hummus. Start Slideshow 1 of 17. Frittata Whatever. We’d really like hummus pasta sauce to be the *next big thing. 10 Leftover Hummus Ideas. Creamy pumpkin & lentil soup. Believe it or not, you can do much more with hummus than just using it as an appetizer or party dip. Chip crumbs are the perfect crunchy addition to so many meals. Reimagine nachos with gobs of hummus instead of salsa and swap in tater tots for chips. Just use a recipe that contains plenty of fat (like our Day Before Mashed Potatoes) to keep leftover mashed potatoes extra creamy. Definitely going to get the other half to make … We’ve done the hard work and rounded up 21 delicious ways you can use it for your next meal, or snack. “Two pulses are better than one” is what this chickpea and lentil dip would say if it could talk. Make as much or as little as you need to use everything up. Turns out these nutrition labels aren’t that different. I like to spread it on warm flatbread with grilled zucchini and yellow squash, tomatoes, and feta (you could even tuck some leftover tabbouleh in there). We stuff acorn squash with leftovers like turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce. cooked red lentils; 3 … Spinach artichoke hummus is my favorite kind to use, as is original flavored hummus and garlic flavored hummus varieties. If you are going to make a wrap, sandwich or burger, use hummus instead of butter or sour cream. Patty Melt. Pin. 5 Unconventional (& Brilliant) Ways To Use Hummus in Recipes Just grab a can of pumpkin puree (or use leftovers from another recipe… Cut off tops of a few cherry tomatoes, scoop their seeds out, and fill their inside with hummus using a piping bag. Garlicky hummus creates a thin crust on the meat, and when spooned over a baking dish of veggies, pools into a light sauce after its trip in the oven. Serve it in the pumpkin shell for an eye-catching display. 3. Served with a salad, they’re a delicious way to enjoy your favorite dip in fried form. Try this as a dip, or even use it on one of these amazing recipes! Lydia Greene; posted November 3, 2020; S paghetti is one of those dependably delicious foods, a familiar meal that always lives up to expectations. Chicken salad cups. It's got a lovely earthiness and nutty flavor to it that will more than satisfy your snack cravings. Add some tomato, olives, feta, shallot and rotisserie chicken pieces to it, and spoon the mixture into lettuce leaves. A shift in perspective. Hummus can also make a very nice topping for tomato slices. Ingredients: 7 oz. 10 Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftover Champagne Andrea Heckler 12/23/2019. TWEET. From salad dressing to pasta sauce, these are the best ways to use the last remains of hummus. Add more broth if the pan starts to dry up. Reduce to a simmer and stir occasionally. To make this recipe, mix equal amounts of hummus and plain Greek yogurt in a bowl, toss some cooked whole wheat pasta, and use it as a healthy and tasty Alfredo sauce. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. Here are the benefits of…, From a multisize cake pan for the “Bake-Off” fanatic to a soup dumpling DIY kit for the quarantine cook or an avocado tree (a real tree!) I didn’t put sundried tomatoes in mine because I know the kids would have pulled them right back out. Turkey-Stuffed Acorn Squash. The key to stretching a roast is portion control, especially the meat portion of a meal. By doing this, you will have a healthier alternative to use. SHARE . Whoever said leftovers are boring clearly wasn’t innovative enough, or money savvy. Pour this mixture into small patties and pan fry them with little oil in a skillet. OK, so you need 10 ounces of hummus for this recipe, but we couldn’t help ourselves: It’s vegan queso, y’all. Crunch-tastic Ways to Use Up the Chips at the Bottom of the Bag, How to Make Instant Noodles Every Day (and Enjoy Them), The Best Fruits and Veggies to Eat This Fall, Olive Oil Is the Next Weight Loss EVOOlution, All Hail Vitamin C: Here’s Why You Need It Every Single Day, 34 Unique Kitchen Gifts Your Food-Loving Friends Actually Want, 19 Air Fryer Recipes for Fall So You Can Give the Crock-Pot a Break, 21 Vegan Tacos Because Mexican Food Doesn’t Have to Be Meat, Here’s the Beef on the Best and Worst Gluten-Free Fast-Food Options. A pandemic, a revolution, a shift in routines. What’s the actual difference between kilocalories and calories? Not only does it add tons of flavor, the fat from chickpeas is much better for you than that white stuff. 6. Smear some leftover hummus over some chicken breast and you will totally forget about the conventional flour and egg mixture. Don’t throw your chip crumbs away! My go-to strategy is to treat the turkey like chicken (they do have similar flavor profiles, after all). So this year, get creative and have some fun with those leftovers. Slice zucchini into thin wide strips using a vegetable peeler. We love this 3-ingredient pumpkin hummus recipe because it uses store-bought hummus as the base. Either way, you are going to fall in love with this. Olive oil has healthy fats to help with fat burning, health maintenance, and weight loss. Hummus makes a great complement with a variety of vegetables, and you can also use it as a filling for paninis, wraps and sandwiches. From piling roasted vegetables into an omelet to using leftover potato chips as a breading for chicken, here are some smart moves when it comes to using up your leftovers. We've all been there after Sunday lunch, too full to even contemplate dessert (well, for at least an hour) but faced with an abundance of uneaten meat. See more ideas about hummus, food, recipes. Bake in the oven at 400˚ until all of the butter is absorbed. But there's no need to waste a scrap of a luxury like lamb  we've put together our 10 best recipes, plus some handy tips and tricks, to help you show your leftovers some love. In this post, I share three recipes that use up leftover roast meat as well as some other ideas for leftovers and ways to stretch meat. Add the hummus and stir until well incorporated. How to Stretch a Roast into Several Meals . You just need to know what you’re…. If you’re looking for a hearty way to use up some leftover hummus, then try making these hummus and rice fritters, which can be made using from-scratch ingredients or from on-hand goods, such as store-bought hummus and precooked packaged rice. Here's our step-by-step recipe. Another great way to use leftover hummus is to use it in salads, as there are many combinations that will taste delicious with it and will add an extra flavor to it. From salad dressing to pasta sauce, these are the best ways Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. Super filling and way more exciting than boring ol’ bean dip, this hearty spread deserves to be smeared on thick slices of bread instead of wimpy crackers. Spread hummus in thin layers on each of these zucchini strips. Yeah, thought so. You may also add some leftover tabbouleh in this recipe. You are free to experiment with the herbs and spices to best suit your taste. This Creamy Hummus Pasta is a dish you need to know about! 3. If you need us, we’ll be spooning this over chips, pretending we’re 13 again at the movie theater. … Add some grilled zucchini, tomatoes, feta and yellow squash on a flatbread, and spread some leftover hummus on it when it is still warm. To make chicken salad cups using leftover hummus, mix some hummus with a little Greek yogurt, and give it a seasoning with a few drops of lemon juice. Take a look at the original recipe and simply add ¼ cup hummus and ¼ cup olive oil for eight egg yolks. Not only does it taste better, but it is also a lot healthier than mayo. Mix together the hummus, lemon juice, and dijon mustard along with some water until combined. But the fact is we all probably have hummus hanging out in our fridges right now that we need to use up before it expires. Hummus is also an excellent substitute for mayonnaise in just about every recipe. It’s possible to eat instant noodles every day and enjoy them without much effort at all. You can fill different flavored hummus in each tomato individually. Vegans aren’t the only ones who will love these. Cleanses and massages aren’t the same as adding this oil to…. Normally, you would use mayonnaise in this recipe, but you can replace it with hummus to add a healthier twist to it. Encouraging vaccine news tempered by virus surge. What’s the secret ingredient behind this thick, creamy dressing? However, you can also use store-bought hummus. This well-loved combo of noodles, pasta sauce, and parmesan cheese is an Italian food that Americans wholeheartedly embrace. Mixing hummus with chicken is a staple, as the combination of flavors will open your tastebuds like you've never imagined. And isn’t that really what it’s all about? EMAIL. Feb 22, 2016 - Explore Practice Vitality's board "How to use up leftover hummus", followed by 324 people on Pinterest. Roasted red pepper hummus burgers with caramelised red onions and smokey mayo. I can’t believe I have never made this before. Spread hummus generously over your tortilla. And it is a great way to use up the odd... Read More . If you want to read similar articles to What to do with Leftover Hummus - 13 Delicious Ideas, we recommend you visit our Food & drink category. Not in the mood to read a recipe? I also love making tuna salad this way. If you are going to eat hummus, you have to try this authentic hummus recipe. SHARE. Use in bake potatoes instead of sour cream, or top toasted whole grain rye bread with hummus along with eggplant, bell pepper and onion. Add some tomato, olives, feta, shallot and rotisserie chicken pieces to it, and … It’s also a great way to use up leftover hummus! What You’ll Need. We’ve narrowed down your best…. Try this tasty recipe as a great example! SHARE. Turn your carved out pumpkin into a spooky centrepiece with our creamy pumpkin hummus. Using it on a pita to make a chicken pita with lots of fresh veggies for lunch can make for a delicious meal. Smear the dip over a chicken breast for dinner tonight and you’ll wonder why you ever used a flour-and-egg mixture. It makes a healthy snack that can be conveniently used to replace mayonnaise. Add it to the soup pot, along with the cooked vegetables. If you have leftover hummus in your refrigerator, read this oneHOWTO article to get some great ideas on what to do with leftover hummus. Blend the dip with dill (for freshness) and a glug of zingy lemon juice, then pour it over salads and roasted veggies alike. Use leftover hummus to create a healthy pasta sauce. Here’s one way to make a chickpea dip with leftover hummus. Advertising. © 2020 Greatist a Red Ventures Company. While it is obviously one of the most flavorful, not to mention healthful, dips out there, you might be surprised to find out that there is so much more you can do with hummus. It is easy and helps slow your life down. Use as a substitute for sour cream or butter. Get to heck, deep fat fryer. The next time you have scrambled eggs for breakfast whisk in a spoonful of hummus. 2. Who doesn’t love coating a pita chip with a glob of hummus at snack time? These 19 air fryer recipes can make your favorite fall comfort foods without drowning it in oil…. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat.