The built in list of 7,000 Dutch words, including rare, historic and geographic ones, helps you to check the spelling of any sentence you will encounter. The Search window is near top left on most of my pages. Exercise with a list of words. The Dutch IJ. And, how it is pronounced in an other situation. That sound belongs to ij, the letter combination, or tweeklank, that was originally written as y. The diphthongs, like eu, ij or ui are also known for being quite tricky to master. The growing village of Amsterdam was ideally situated to serve as a key trading spot for products going to and from its back country to the south and west. This video lesson is about the Dutch alphabet and it’s pronunciation. The combination of vowels. ei is somewhere in between. Aluminium 6. You saw how a letter is written and might be pronounced, but there is nothing better than hearing the sound of the letters in a video or audio. Pronunciation of Jij with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning, 15 translations and more for Jij. The only letter that deserves a special mention is Y since there are different ways of pronouncing it, just like in English. Dutch ij is somewhere between the vowel sounds in hay and high. Dutch pronunciation dictionary. The lesson explains why a letter in one situation has a regular pronunciation. Bavarois 4. Dutch pronunciation: korte EI vs lange IJ, part 1 Learn Dutch Pronunciation You can find special videos about these diphthongs here. Crowdsourced Dutch Pronunciation Dictionary Dutch audio pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, sentence usages, translations and much more. Dutch Pronunciation. 3. Cognate with German -ei‎, English -y‎. ***Content*** 1. Calling it ij, like they do in the song (and I do in the first version of y) is technically incorrect. ɛi̯ → IJ ijs and EI trein œy̯ → UI huis øː or ʏː → EU deur u → OE boek . So it's not fair not to mention the IJ or ij. Dutch pronunciation 3. However, the ij is not part of the Dutch alfabet, just like the other tweeklanken aren’t. The spelling system is issued by government decree and is compulsory for all government documentation and educational establishments. Below you will find an explanation on how to pronounce them and examples. Presently ei and ij are pronounced the same in standard Dutch, but in some dialectes ij is pronounced as ie and ei is pronounced like the ei dipgtongue. The Dutch letter 'ij' is an unique letter in the Dutch language. Beyond these combinations, there’s no other vowel combinations that you should really know about. Defibrilleren 3. Of course, the umlaut is not always printed, which tends to cause some uncertainty as to how one should pronounce y . Dutch: Useful content. Each letter is discussed in detail. The Dutch ij ends with the same sound as the English long i, but starts with the "e" of "pet". They are typically Dutch so not very easy to pronounce. Many Dutch words are difficult to pronounce for non-native speakers, so try to say all the Dutch words on this page out loud! Consonants ----- **1. For a foreigner, that would be all words with a ’ch’, ’g’, ‘ei’, ‘ui’, ‘ij’. The English long i starts with an "ah". Looking to master the art of Dutch pronunciation? The Dutch alphabet** Our modern Dutch alphabet simply consists of the 26 letters of the ‘ISO basic Latin alphabet’. In the Netherlands, the official spelling is regulated by the Spelling Act of 15 September 2005. Some letters, vowels and combinations of them are pronounced very different in Dutch and hard to compare to other languages. More or less, this is pronounced the same way as the long i in English. It should work, or at least get you closer to the original Dutch pronunciation. Pronunciation of Dutch vowels : The pronunciation of Dutch vowels depends on if it is an open or closed syllable. You want to improve your Dutch but you don’t know how? So here is a list of all letters in the Dutch language and their pronunciation. IJ; Dutch phonology; Dutch phonology is similar to that of other West Germanic languages, especially Afrikaans and West Frisian. In the sound file IJsselstein the sound is heard two times, because ei and ij are both in it. About sounds in Dutch. Dutch -ij- usually corresponds to German -ei-. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Brouwerij 't IJ on pronouncekiwi. We have about five vowels and twenty-one consonants. Let’s have a look at some of the best expert tips for learning Dutch! How to say Jij in Dutch? Pending pronunciation words in Dutch, help others to learn how to pronounce like a native. You’ve got to put the theory into practice. Practice practice practice; And now comes the most interesting part. Common First and Last Names Hear some 650 common Dutch first names, and a sampling of about 200 last names on my Names page. Say “iaiaia” (English vowels) until the two sounds become one. Pronunciation is one of those things you have to practise to improve.