You might think it’s boring but it clearly tells the world that you launched and are running your own business. The title of founder automatically gives a clear indication that you were directly involved in the creation of the company. You can set professional and personal goals to improve your career. Some companies have their employees select their titles, which creates a culture of creativity and encourages employees to … Options for Creative Business Owner Titles The sky really is the limit when it comes to creative titles. Looking to Hire? Enjoy! The title of proprietor is similar to that of an owner, as they are both typically used to describe the owner of a small business. It's typically combined with one or more other words that better explain the nature of your professional duties. To get your own creative juices flowing, take a look at our list of 25 creative, clever, or downright silly job titles: For Those in Charge. Unlike other titles, like CEO or owner, this one cannot be passed from one person to another, as the founding of a company is a one-time event. Finally, don’t complicate it. Chief Romance Officer (for wedding planners, love coaches, etc.) A creative director position is typically used for design, film, music, video game, fashion, advertising, media, or other entertainment industries. The board is tasked with making the top-level decisions within the organization, including the hiring and firing of the president and the CEO. After all, business doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does your job title. We came across an interesting list of job titles recently that we thought were well worth sharing. Ultimately, your title should reflect your role in the company as well as your goals as a small business owner. Public companies are run by a group of individuals called the board of directors who are elected to represent the shareholders. Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking person in a company, ultimately responsible for making managerial decisions. You may be the owner of a small business, but the word “owner” may not truly describe the role you fulfill within the company. Here are some creative business owner titles along with traditional ones to consider when crafting yours. Choosing the most appropriate one typically depends on the size of your company, the type of services your company provides and the management structure. I’m ordering business cards and I realized I have absolutely no idea what title to list, if any. What is active listening, why is it important and how can you improve this critical skill? Because you're not bound to the usual type of corporate structure, you have the option of using many different titles, depending on the management structure you've created for your business… A business owner title is a title used by the main individual in charge of a business. Setting goals can help you gain both short and long term achievements. The role typically implies managing and supervising other lower-level managers who are assigned to different departments within the company. So, could a wacky title help get you noticed? What “current title” means on a job application and how to write yours. In India partner as a role isn’t typical in private or public limited companies but more in a … Outside its legal use, few business owners choose to use the term proprietor, but it may be appropriate for businesses that need to create a classic and traditional image in the eyes of their customers and business partners. A business owner title is a title used by the main individual in charge of a business. I thought I’d put these cool job titles here into one list. This title gives people a good impression regarding your level of involvement and ownership within the company. The name you settle on is important. However, even in the case of these companies, the title that the head of an organization chooses to use when communicating with clients, partners and other parties is completely up to that person. For example, creative business-owner titles such as "chief elf" or "chief executive of fun" can get attention, but they may also give the impression that you’re not serious about your business. These job titles usually contain clear skills, such as 'Human Assurance Specialist', it seems that you can know that this is a job with what skills. It’s likely that the CEO is the owner but the owner can give the CEO title to an employee or investor. The title a business owner chooses typically takes their company's goals and objectives into account while still feeling personal. You’ll want to convey how your business is structured and give employees an idea of their job responsibilities and purpose. Member - Member is a designation for anyone who has ownership in an LLC. Chief Cheerleader; Top Dog; Chief Romance Officer (for wedding planners, love coaches, etc.) Grand Poobah of Operations, People Experience, and Sales may sound creative and describe some of your duties but does it make sense? Here is a list of creative job titles you can immediately add to your LinkedIn profile and Moo business cards. These useful active listening examples will help address these questions and more. Some are happy to go with a traditional title that makes their status clear, while others are more interested in an outside-of-the-box descriptive title. We also collected some daily professional titles, such as … As a business owner, the title of administrator is a clear indication that you also play a major part in directing the company's current and future actions. In this article, we discuss some of the most widely used company owner titles and the most appropriate use for each to help you decide which is best for your situation. Chief indicates the specific skills and responsibilities of the owner. The CEO title is an abbreviation for Chief Executive Officer, and it is generally given to the person who runs the day-to-day operations of an organization but also has a major role in creating and implementing long-term strategies. We are a value-driven company with a passion for helping small businesses succeed. It can also be used for other creative businesses like web and software development firms. The role typically implies direct involvement in the management of active clients and daily business operations, but it is also an essential decision-making role regarding the organization's short- and long-term future. For example, instead of having a software engineer, a cloud computing company may have a "c**ode keeper".Creativity: Creative job titles allow companies to express their creativity. Crayon Evangelist - oversees all graphic-design needs - InteQ Corp. Read more: Learn About Being a General Manager. This title typically resonates strongly with clients and partners, as it indicates your deep connection with the business. Personally, I feel that job titles are not all that important for internal purposes. In certain situations where the chairperson is also heavily involved with day-to-day operations and company decisions, they may also fulfill the role of the CEO. Chief robot whisperer. You could go with something playful, such as "head geek… We have collected more than 26,000 titles, which cover almost all the jobs in all industries. Related: Learn About Being a Technical Director. A fancy job title feels fun and cool, but it won’t get you business. This role typically involves delegating to other employees consistently, so one of the CEO's main responsibilities is finding the right professionals for each position in their company. The choice between MD and CEO is typically a personal decision. Sole proprietor is a commonly-used legal term which describes the single owner of a business, someone who is also legally tied to the respective company and considered the same legal entity. It does not, however, give any indication regarding your current role in the organization's hierarchy, so it is recommended more for smaller companies unless followed by an additional title. The role of a managing partner is to outline the company's vision and plans to employees and directly implement the strategies that are likely to push the organization in the right direction. Managing-member - A managing member is an owner that is designated to run the day-to-day business operations of the LLC.While these two titles are most commonly used when referring to an LLC, they don't sound very offi… The word “managing” is a clear indication that you are directly involved in the management of a company department or of the entire company, while the word “member” or “partner” shows that you at least partially own the organization. This is why … The chairperson of the board is elected by other board members and holds what is typically considered to be the top position in any organization. Thinker of Deep Thoughts Chief Visionary (aka Chief Vision… And how will your title look on correspondence you send to customers, partners, or potential investors? Some might be fake (but still funny). Master of Disaster - helps with disaster recovery efforts - MapInfo Corp. Project Meanie - keeps coworkers on schedule - InsightShare LLC. If you’re the principal owner of your business, so if it’s not a partnership or corporation with … Owner is a generic term for sole proprietorship. Tony Featherstone @ LinkedIn Twitter Facebook SHARE. 2. 1. Your title won’t just matter externally but can shape the titles you give your team. Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking person in a company, ultimately responsible for making managerial decisions. Good for: Owner of an LLC or service based company. This business owner title shows your authority while also giving more details regarding your exact role within the business. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, Active Listening Skills: Definition and Examples. Sales Ninja, Linux Geek, Marketing Rockstar. Small business owners are modern day renaissance men & women, juggling a ton of different jobs. I’ve done my best to list these witty job titles by department/position. I figured it was worth sharing since some of these are pretty funny. Giving meaningful job titles to your employees is important because it will give them self-worth and make them want to work harder for your small business, therefore, making your small business more successful. The exact level of authority implied by the title of director varies depending on the organization's structure but they usually report directly to the CEO. When people come across your title, is it easy to understand and appropriately descriptive? Top 10 Creative Job Titles to Inspire Your Team at Work. There are numerous creative job titles for every department and position. The title of president is … Although an administrator can also be a manager, the two are typically different roles, as the administrator usually deals with various aspects of an organization's short- and long-term plans, while a manager role implies leading a group of people. So, even though the title of CEO shows high levels of authority and responsibility, it does not necessarily show any level of ownership over the organization. For the most part, these pros were cosmetic, and the underlying feeling among all of our interviewees is that job applicants must be able to back up their creativity with a boat load of qualifying experience, just like every other candidate. Choosing your small business owner title is a very personal decision. Here are the top three pros for thinking outside of the box: … Join our Partner Program and help your clients achieve their business dreams. Post a Job on The role of an administrator is creating short- and long-term plans that the organization must follow to progress and manage day-to-day operations to ensure that the company meets its goals. There are many titles that should be considered when assigning titles for your LLC. Once you’ve compiled a list of titles to consider, run them past friends, mentors, or even your own employees. * Head Coach * CCO (Chief Coaching Officer) * CLO (Chief Leadership Officer) * CGO (Chief Growth Officer) The c-level terms are conversation starters. Ambassador of buzz - corporate communications associate – Grasshopper, Chief curator - chooses featured items - eBay, Chief Cheerleader - CEO who supports team efforts - Mid America Motorworks, President and TeaEO - play on words for CEO of Honest Tea. The title of president typically conveys prestige and authority, so it can be appropriate for owners of businesses that need to portray the image of a respectable and well-established company. Before you print business cards or introduce your title on your website, consider how it will be perceived by both internal employees and outside contacts. Here are real-world examples of creative titles for high profile corporations. Director/Executive Director (1.37 million monthly clicks) Directors lead and manage personnel to … This is a title from the startup Savioke, a company that provides robots to the … The most commonly-used director titles are director of operations, technical director, creative director, managing director and executive director. Here are 12 of the most commonly-used company owner titles for you to choose from: This is one of the most straightforward business owner titles, as it immediately indicates a person's main role in an organization. Chief Values Officer The title of principal can imply multiple responsibilities that vary from one organization to another but it is most widely used for company founders, owners and CEOs. Your team may not appreciate a title that implies your business is a one man show. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Job positions lists for customer service, business owners, management and executive business titles. The title a business owner chooses typically takes their company's goals and objectives into account while still feeling personal. Idea + Generation = Ideation? A founder of a business brings that enterprise into existence, gets it off the ground, and secures the funds and materials needed to succeed. We started talking about job titles and I said I’d take a look at compiling some humorous ones that reflected our roles. When starting out, business owners are in charge of every detail needed to establish their company. Top Dog. If you’re a: Office Manager: How about one of these? The roles of a business owner are diverse and the title should reflect that. As your company gets larger, it is recommended that you add titles, such as chief financial officer or managing director. In our chats with recruiters, three main positives came up when dealing with imaginative job titles. Get the latest news, advice and business success stories to grow and empower your small business. Description: Marketing Executive. Warning: there are some weird job titles here. Another example is a more traditional title, such as "president." After all, business doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does your job title. Discover flexible financing options to grow your small business. It does not, however, give any indication regarding that respective person's role within the company's managerial structure, as some owners have no active role within their own organization. The managing partner or managing member has an ownership interest in an LLC and is in charge of all primary management duties. Need some inspiration? I am not sure for this particular role you want a creative title. You can use the common job titles shown in the table above as a starting point and adapt them to your business and industry. Although the CEO of a large company is in charge of all major decisions within the organization, they usually do not also own the respective organization. The CEO title is often used for large businesses, and though there is no restriction for using it if you are the head of a smaller organization, it has the potential to be confusing for business partners and clients. As the head of an organization or a branch of an organization, the president may or may not also be the CEO. A general manager may or may not also be the owner of the company. Partner. Having an appropriate business owner title can give potential clients and partners important information regarding the company size and structure. Get the SmartBiz newsletter delivered to your inbox. Here’s how to identify which style works best for you, and why it’s important for your career development. Need some inspiration? Brand: Creative job titles can be an avenue for a company to express its brand. It also does not indicate company ownership, as some presidents are simply employees while others own at least a part of the business. To get your own creative juices flowing, take a look at our list of 25 creative, clever, or downright silly job titles: For Those in Charge. Ask people in your industry and those outside of it to get a range of opinions. This is typically not a major issue for small companies, as it is commonly assumed that a small business owner will be actively involved in their company's day-to-day operations. They handle all operations, such as making sure that the company generates the projected revenue and keeps the running costs to a minimum, while also dealing with staff issues. ). 2. “In Charge of Everything” or “Chief of Getting Sh#% Done” are clever choices but do those titles convey the professionalism needed to promote your business? Chief Cheerleader. So if you’ve been struggling to come up with the perfect witty job title, I DARE YOU to stop the insanity and focus on talking about what you DO, instead of trying to fit yourself into the box of a title (because isn’t that like, the opposite of being Uncaged? That means a lot of forms to fill out and emails to send. The roles of a business owner are diverse and the title should reflect that. It might not convey the authority you’d like to establish to outsiders. You could choose something that fits the overall culture of your business, such as "chief provocateur" or "accounting guru." These are all real job titles being used in the business world today, and according to data from online business card printer, these creative titles are on the rise. What title will you use to identify yourself as the head of your enterprise? Owner. Some of the designations are legally required and others may be common but not necessary for all businesses. Before you order your first box of business cards, you’ll have to choose your official title from business owner titles like CEO, founder, director and more. Let me explain. Some business structures have legally determined titles for their owners, such as with limited liability companies where an owner is legally called a managing member. Head Ninja, Chief Rock Star, Jedi Master and Chief Imagineer are just a few crazy job titles doing the rounds as startup companies and their young founders shake up stodgy job descriptions. Director of First Impressions - receptionist - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 12 Great Business Owner Titles: Which One if Right For You. Read more: Learn About Being a CEO (Chief Executive Officer). For some businesses, the principal is also the founder, CEO, or even the chief investor. An administrator title reflects the person who organizes and provides support for others in the organization. 1. The small business owner's guide to crazy job titles. There is a large variety of business owner titles that the head of an organization can use to call themselves. You've probably seen some of these tongue-in-cheek titles at digital conferences or among savvy startup entrepreneurs. Business titles communicate your status and company culture to not only consumers but to competitors and job seekers. 100+ Funny Job Titles . For smaller companies, the roles of president, CEO and principal usually bear the same responsibilities, whereas principals in larger companies typically handle direct relationships with the organization's clients, business partners and other involved parties. Conclusion: Take Your Time When Choosing the Best Business Owner Title for You.