About Us Black Desert Online is a game developed by Pearl Abyss, a Korean company, and licensed for Oceania, North America and part of Europe by Kakao Games Europe B.V. The Season is Not Over Yet! Season servers are designed for new and returning players to help them get started in BDO but anyone can participate. You will find it over in the Gahaz Bandit area and you just need to find Rafa to get it. Yes, another thread about the lack of PVE servers. Greetings Adventurers, Thank you all for enjoying the Summer Season Server and pre-registering for the upcoming Autumn Season as well. Safer Together Campaign . Events. ... Summer Season Server Changes! 02 September 2020 09:00. I don't care if it's considered a PVP game; I've never done any PVP (aside from getting repeatedly ganked) and don't really have any plans to. Introduction Season servers are a new addition to BDO which first arrived on the 17th June 2020. Hashashin Hashashin wields the power of the sands at whim A mid-range class with unconventional attacks. There are plenty of other things to do in game and I'm not a competitive person. BDO and WDF most important tournaments are the BDO … One More Boost for Autumn Season! 2020 BDO & WDF season of darts comprises every tournament of British Darts Organisation and World Darts Federation.The category or prize money of the tournaments may be vary depending on darts organization. which has a blade attached to the end of a rope. Shai Shai is a a support class that has both combat and buff abilities. Shai Shai is a a support class that has both combat and buff abilities. 2020-11-25. Source: patch notes dated September 2, 2020 Changes to the End of Summer Season Item Conversion. Season characters can graduate and get the rewards at any time before the start of the next season. 2020-11-18. For the reasons above, the end date of the Summer Season will be moved ahead of the originally announced date to an earlier date of the August 26th (Wed) maintenance. NEW_WEB_MAIN_GETMAINCLASSINFO_SHOW_DETAIL. End of Season Server Hello, I have a question, because after a patch two weeks ago my game is constantly crashing and it was kinda impossible to end daily quests every day. Team Up for Operation Basilisk! At the end of the season server I will gave 38/40 of quests, but they changed ending date of season and now it is week shorter. Events. It’s not a black spirit quest but it is one just for the season server people. [A] You can get them once the season server early graduation begins in the season servers after the maintenance on August 5, 2020 (Wed). New items have … We understand that some Adventurers who are currently playing on the season servers may feel pressured to grow their character as a result of the earlier end date. You need to kill 5000 bandits and your rewards is 300 CP and a choice of 600 time filled black … 2020-11-18. NEW_WEB_MAIN_GETMAINCLASSINFO_SHOW_DETAIL. 25 November 2020 11:07; Pearl Shop Update: Black Friday On Now! ... which has a blade attached to the end of a rope. [Q] When can I get the season server rewards: Advice of Valks (+100) and the PEN (V) Capotia accessory? Events. Patch notes - 25th November 2020 This week, new adventures await seasoned and new adventurers, as Balenos main questline has been reworked and a mysterious painting appears. NEW_WEB_MAIN_GETMAINCLASSINFO_SHOW_DETAIL.